Like boxers Lonsdale products are made from tough stuff

Authentic and hard-wearing they’re designed to function and perform under the toughest conditions. Combining heritage with modern design, sportswear with street style, Lonsdale is recognised the world over and is truly the brand of Champions.


More than one hundred years ago the 5th Earl of Lonsdale, Hugh Lowther, was third in line to the throne and president of the Sporting Club in England which later became the British Board of Boxing Control.

He was known as the “Yellow Earl” always wearing a yellow carnation and driving a yellow Rolls Royce. As president of the Arsenal football club it is said that he is the reason for the colour of
Arsenal’s away kit today (yellow).

Hugh earned a reputation as “England’s Greatest Sporting Gentleman” and donated the original Lonsdale belts for boxing, the first of which was presented in 1909.

In 1960 James Lowther, the 7th Earl of Lonsdale, granted permission to Bernard Hart, a professional boxer, to use the name of “Lonsdale” for sports clothes and sports equipment.

Bernard then founded Lonsdale Sports Equipment Ltd and opened a shop in Beak Street, in the heart of London originally supplying equipment and sports wear only to the boxing scene.

For decades now the “Lonsdale London” brand has been a recognised global brand.

In 1960 “Lonsdale London” became known as both a sporting and fashion name, teaming up with pop stars, sports personalities, writers, actors and various other artists including Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis, Paul McCartney, Anthony Quinn, Muhammad Ali, Sylvester Stallone, Lennox Lewis, Evander
Holyfield, Sugar Ray Robinson, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Audley Harrison, Marvin Haggler, Oasis,

Paul Weller, Kylie Minogue and Naomi Campbell.
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